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love's divine cover
Go on vacation? Check. Sip cocktails and relax on the beach? Check. Fall in love? Definitely not on the list.

On a whim, Genesis Malone decides to book a solo trip to the island of Barbados. A sunny beach vacation sounds like the perfect way to renew her spirit after a heartbreaking divorce. The trip takes an unexpected turn when she meets a woman who could be just what she needs to move on. That is if her heart, and the universe, will let her.

Zuri Baker seems to have it all but what she really wants is someone to share her life with. When she meets Genesis, she is intrigued by her quiet nature and longs to get to know her better. Too bad her on-again off-again girlfriend isn’t willing to let her go quite so easily.
When they return to their regular lives and find themselves in the midst of exes, not quite exes, and work drama, will they be able to hold onto what matters most; each other?


★★★★★  I really enjoyed the journey that Zuri and Genesis went on. The build up of really getting to know each other was beautiful.

★★★★★  The characters are deep and convincing, the imaging vivid, and the story well written! The story let me wanting more of Genesis and Zuri! A MUST read!

★★★★★  This was such a sweet story. I loved the two of them together. I loved how Genesis recognized the things that was lacking from her marriage and wasn’t willing to settle for them in her new relationship.

Sometimes you have to go through the darkness, to get to the light...

After living recklessly for years, Giselle Turner knows the negative feelings her family has towards her. She’s determined to prove herself once and for all but that’s easier said than done. When she decides to move in with a relative for a fresh start, the last person she expects to run into again is Aaliyah, the woman who awakened her sexuality. As she fights to get her life in order, she discovers that there may be something sweet on the other side of sobriety.

Aaliyah Spencer has a good life. Great friends, a job she enjoys, and loving parents. What she doesn’t have is someone to share it all with. Fear of letting anyone in has rendered her unable to truly connect romantically leading to one failed relationship after another. Giselle is a breath of fresh air and her arrival challenges what Aaliyah thinks she knows about love.

Despite an undeniable attraction, their respective journeys couldn’t be more different. Yet each may have just what the other needs to become whole.

Content Warning: This novel deals with drug addiction and physical abuse. All of the events occur off-page and are only mentioned as backstory with little graphic detail.

the makings of you cover
sweetest taboo cover
Sensual stories that beg the question, what taboo are you willing to break…

A woman fears the repercussions of admitting her feelings to her best friend. An assistant can’t help but lust after her demanding, and much older, boss. Amid the Harlem Renaissance, a writer from the South follows a woman to the city and finds herself. A girl’s night out brings unexpected pleasures when a heartbroken woman allows herself to let go. Carnal pleasure is the name of the game between two women who couldn't be more different but share the same desires.

In this collection, you’ll find lush, sexy stories featuring heroines on the edge of love, lust, and passion. They’re ready to take the plunge, are you?


Drama...Passion... They don’t call New York the city that never sleeps for nothing!

Warning: These books contain laugh out loud convos, lip-biting love scenes, and enough romance to warm your heart.
See what readers are saying about FRIENDS & LOVERS

★★★★★ I loved the chemistry between the characters
★★★★★Fun, sultry, passionate, emotional and most of all, real. I enjoyed it. Great read. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an engaging book to dive in to.
★★★★ I couldn't put the book down, was up until 5 am reading it.
★★★★★ I loved that this series touched on so many facets of the LGBTQ+ community and lifestyle. I could see myself and my wife in so many of the characters.

friends & lovers cover
games we play cover
lovers rock cover


In a whirlwind reunion, Asha and Remy reignite a long-lost flame, sparking a weekend of reckless abandon. As their magnetic connection ignites into something deeper, they must navigate the line between desire and intimacy.

a taste of remy cover
a touch of desire cover
the look of love cover


A touch, a glance, a conversation you wish would never end. You never know when love will take over and sweep you off your feet and it can happen in the most unexpected places. The women in this series of novellas find love at work but discover that after hours is when the real fun begins…

four letter word cover
four letter word 2 cover
fire we make cover
belong to you cover
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